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AndTaste Cultural Development Co., Ltd. established in 2018 and has collaborated with over 100 top museums, galleries and heritage sites.We deeply cultivates our own business, interprets and reshapes local characteristic cultural IPs. Relying on network and topic events, we creates cultural attribute internet-famous products, creating a leading brand for fast-moving consumer goods.

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Development Process


We continuously develop innovative cultural and creative products in different categories, committed to promoting the revitalization of cultural heritage, promoting culture through tourism, and promoting tourism through culture. We aim to promote the revival of Chinese culture and to build a strong cultural nation.


Collaborated with over 50 major museums including the National Museum, Nanjing Museum, and Shaanxi History Museum, as well as over 80 major scenic spots such as the Yellow Crane Tower Scenic Park, Mount Hengshan, Hanging Temple, and Wuzhizhou Island, and 30 provincial cultural towns like Overseas Chinese City, to launch exclusive branded derivatives.


Started brand cultural derivative product services, continuously innovating in enterprise brand culture while bringing consumers a sensory revolution. This promotes the uniqueness and sensory value of original products, achieving a perfect combination of culture and life.

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