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On the evening of April 6th, CCTV News New Media held a charity live broadcast event “Join Hands for Hubei”. CCTV host Zhu Guangquan and Taobao anchor Li Jiaqi teamed up to recommend and promote Hubei’s specialty agricultural and sideline products and cultural and creative products. Our company,And Taste, had the honor to participate in this event and collaborated with the HuangHe Tower in Wuhan to launch cultural creative ice cream, which has received enthusiastic welcome and praise from consumers.

And Taste is a cultural product supplier that focuses on the activation of cultural heritage and the reshaping of unique cultural IP. In the ice cream industry,And Taste leads the trend of domestic fast-moving consumer goods and creates stunning cultural creative ice cream. This collaboration with the HuangHeTower inspired creative and aesthetic ice cream packaging designs based on the historical culture and architectural style of the tower. Many innovative attempts were made in the taste, which has a beautiful meaning. Its unique taste and story background have attracted the attention of many consumers, becoming one of the best-selling products in the live broadcast room.

This collaboration not only brought more exposure and business opportunities to the HuangHe Tower, but also injected new power into the promotion and inheritance of traditional culture.

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