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On July 15th, the World Youth Skills Day was successfully held at the Sri Lankan Embassy.And Taste , invited by the Chinese Academy of History and the Gansu Provincial Museum, prepared nearly 300 creative ice creams, becoming a highlight of the event.

As a cultural and creative enterprise, And Taste has been committed to presenting profound historical culture to young people in a novel and interesting way. Participating in the high-level diplomatic salon event for the World Youth Skills Day not only brought cool and refreshing ice creams to the guests, but also allowed everyone to learn about many famous historical sites and cultural relics in Chinese history through tasting the ice creams, enhancing the significance of cultural exchange.

The creative ice creams of  And Taste have different shapes, are cute and lovely, and also have a sense of historical and cultural weight, receiving recognition and love from the guests and young people present.

The successful event also allowed more people to recognize and love And Taste’s creative ice creams. Through participating in the high-level diplomatic salon event for the World Youth Skills Day,And Taste not only provided delicious ice creams to the guests, but also conveyed the value of historical culture to more people, allowing more young people to understand and love China’s profound historical culture.

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