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On the evening of May 25th, the “Tianfu Cultural and Creative Industry Chengdu Summit” was held at the Fanmu Creative District · Endless Space in Chengdu. The summit attracted digital cultural and creative industry talents and enthusiasts from all over the country. Among them, the hundreds of internet celebrity cultural and creative ice creams brought by Beijing  And Taste Culture Co., Ltd. made their debut and attracted a lot of attention.

And Taste has always been committed to revitalizing cultural heritage and creating cultural and creative products with unique cultural characteristics for museums, scenic spots, and cultural and creative companies. The internet celebrity cultural and creative ice creams exhibited by the company at the Chengdu digital creative industry summit ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. The guests took out their phones to check in and share in the first time, and praised these ice creams as “adorable”, “mystical”, and “cool”.

Wang Yin, the project director of  And Taste, said that the company has been cooperating with world-class museums, national tourist attractions, and tourist and cultural towns to help them realize the revitalization of cultural heritage and the incubation of internet celebrity IP products. This appearance in Chengdu is also an important step for the company to explore diversified cultural products. It is reported that

And Taste will settle in Chengdu, and cooperate friendly with local cultural and creative companies and scenic spots to jointly create more cultural and creative products with local characteristics of Chengdu, injecting new vitality into the development of cultural industry.

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