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Project introduction: “The Capital Museum, a national-level museum. With the impact of the epidemic and the iteration of the zeitgeist, the National Museum explores new ways to revitalize cultural relics while catering to the current youthful trend, to keep spreading through the two-way promotion and integration of cultural and industrial values, and to keep pace with the times to the public.

Solution: And Taste for the capital museum iconic cultural relics to produce ice cream, chocolate, lollipops and other products full development and mass production

  • voice lollipop: the use of bone conduction technology, teeth a bite can be from the ear to explain the sound of cultural relics, feel the “immersive” from the national treasure cultural relics explanation. Can also be recorded with Bluetooth function, recording 4 minutes to play 4 hours of loop
  • heritage ice-cream: a variety of heritage shape, a variety of flavors, to meet the needs of visitors to take pictures of the card, in an innovative way, so that heritage “alive”, “taste”

Project results:

  • Increase the flow of visitors. After the product launch, the capital museum received an average of 1,800-2,000 visitors in a single day, the flow of conversion of up to 15-25% between
  • Increase visibility. According to audience survey data, most visitors only go to the museum 2 times a year. Museum visits are not a regular event, and through the creative development of cultural relics can greatly improve the visibility of the museum
  •  to promote traditional cultural relics. Cultural relics and heritage units rely on their respective cultural information, strengthen the cultural dress product development work, is conducive to the promotion of excellent traditional culture

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