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Project Description:The Shaanxi History Museum, located in the Yanta District of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, is the first large national museum with modern facilities in China. It has a rich collection of cultural relics spanning more than one million years. The museum is housed in a Tang-style building complex, where the splendid Chinese civilization and the glorious culture of the three Qin dynasties are on display.

Solution: Create a cultural and interesting heritage ice-cream with the images of the four spiritual animals of Shaanxi History Museum: dancing horse, tiger talisman, golden monster and animal head (sheep)

Project results:

  • Increase the flow of visitors. After the product launch, the capital museum received an average of about 10,000 visitors in a single day, the flow of conversion of up to 12-24% between
  • Increase visibility. After the launch of heritage ice-cream, microblogging hot search within 1 hour to read more than 100,000 people, half an hour after the release of the content, ranked in the regional hot search list, effectively improve the visibility of the museum
  • Promote traditional cultural relics. Heritage and cultural relics units rely on their respective cultural resources, strengthen the cultural dressing product development work, is conducive to the promotion of excellent traditional culture


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