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Project Description: Located in Snake Hill of Wuchang on the south bank of Yangtze River in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, bordering on the Yangtze River, the Yellow Crane Tower was built in the Three Kingdoms era (223 A.D.), and is one of the national 5A tourist attractions and “Three Famous Buildings of Jiangnan”, which has enjoyed the reputation of being the “The First Building of the World’s Mountains and the World’s Best Scenery” and “The Most Beautiful Scenery in the World” since ancient times. It is one of the “Three Famous Buildings in Jiangnan”, enjoying the reputation of “the first building in the world” and “the best view in the world” since ancient times. The Yellow Crane Tower is a landmark building in Wuhan.

Solution: Our company has developed a series of peripheral products based on the image of the Yellow Crane Tower, including ice cream, erasers, and lollipops. These products combine the traditional culture and history of the Yellow Crane Tower with modern creativity and manufacturing techniques.

Project results:

  • On the day of the launch of the Yellow Crane Tower ice cream, 3900 sticks were sold out in 5.5 hours. 
  • The Weibo hot search had more than 160 million readers within 24 hours, with 18,000 discussions. The average hourly reading volume of Weibo hot search increased by 48,000. The traffic conversion rate was as high as 36%, with an average of one person buying for every three people. 
  • People’s Daily, Changjiang Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan Daily and other 50 media outlets reported on it.

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