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  • Project Introduction: National Museum of China, is China’s highest historical and cultural art hall and cultural living room. With the impact of the epidemic and the iteration of the trend of the times, the National Museum of China explores new ways to revitalize cultural relics while catering to the current youthful trend, and keeps spreading through the two-way promotion and integration of cultural value and industrial value to reach the public with the times.


  • Solution: Using ice-cream as a medium to make cultural relics come to life, the culturally rich ice-cream attracts more people to visit and learn more about cultural relics. Between the flavor for the National Museum of China to create a series of cultural relics as the prototype of the “net red” creative ice-cream, such as the famous Han Dynasty relics “singing figurines” and “cloud rhinoceros zun”. The two heritage ice-cream models are differentiated in flavor according to their respective appearance characteristics, the “singing figurine” heritage ice-cream is chocolate flavor, while the “cloud rhinoceros” model is matcha flavor.


  • Project results: Weibo hot search was read by more than 6,000W people in 7 days, and the museum received an average of 1,600-2,000 total visitors per day during the epidemic restriction period, with traffic conversion of up to between 15%-27%.


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